Rethinking the Treasury: Kerslake Review report to be launched on 13 February

The Kerslake Panel’s report Rethinking the Treasury: an independent review of the Treasury to consider how it should work to promote and manage more sustainable growth in a fairer and more equal society  will be launched at two events on Monday 13 February. The London launch, by Lord Kerslake and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, is being hosted by the Smith Institute and will take place at 8.45am at the Screening Room, Somerset House. The Manchester launch by Lord Kerslake is being hosted by the Alliance Manchester Business School and will take place at 5pm. Further details can be found here. To check whether places are still available at these events, please contact for the London event and for the Manchester... read more

Review Panel holds first meeting

Record of the 1st Meeting of the Review Panel held at 10.30am on 2 December 2015 in the Archbishop’s Room, Millbank House Introduction 1) Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell MP, attended the first part of the meeting and set out his reasons for commissioning the review. This was one of a number of reviews designed to allow a root and branch consideration of all aspects of economic policy design and delivery, testing whether the key institutions responsible were fit for the future, and whether and if so what changes might be required to make them more effective. Other reviews commissioned included a review of the Bank of England’s monetary policy mandate and HMRC. 2) John observed that over time, the Treasury interests, control and influence had expanded to every area of government, and that part of the task was to look at the impact of this development. Was there a case for separating out economic development and creating a separate department? And should there be changes to the current relationship between the Treasury and the rest of government? 3) John was very grateful to the Review Panel for agreeing to undertake the task, and looked forward to receiving their independent report. The aim would be for the Panel to prepare an interim report by Easter, with a final report by the Summer Recess. 4) In a short discussion with the Panel, the following points were made. On structure and organisational issues: The review should cover both machinery of government and substantive policy issues. And while the focus was on the Treasury, issues which came up relating to other parts of... read more